12 easy ways to detect a liar in seconds

1) Strange manners of speech

If someone talks in a strange way, that’s one of the obvious signs that they’re lying. What does that mean, though, since everyone talks and acts in their own way?

I just mean that the way they talk is different from how they usually do it. It could be different in a lot of different ways. They might try to avoid talking about certain things or even refuse to name certain people (think Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name”!).

Some details or topics might get extra attention from them that they usually wouldn’t. Some things might even be said over and over again, as if saying something enough times would make it true. You don’t say if any of this is strange for that person, though.

The most important thing is to find out what their standard patterns are so you have something to compare them to. It’s simple if it’s a person you talk to a lot. But it can be harder for people you don’t know well or only briefly.

When getting to know someone you don’t know well, you can start by talking about random things that you’re sure they won’t lie about. Then you can move on to things that you think they might be telling the truth.

2) Talking too loudly

To find out if someone is talking louder than usual, you need a starting point. They might be one of those people who always wears their voice outside! You may be telling the truth if you are sure that the person is talking very loudly!

Does this seem like a contradiction? You might think that someone who is lying would quit to hide their lies. This doesn’t seem to be true, though. Liars often try to talk very loudly and directly so that no one will figure out they’re not telling the truth. Talk about making up for lost time!

3) A higher-than-normal tone of voice

A person who talks in a strained, higher-than-normal voice is another quick and easy sign. Why? People often clench their muscles when they are under a lot of stress.

This makes sense because our fight-or-flight reactions were designed to help us deal with stress and danger. As a result of stress, our brains release adrenaline, which makes our muscles tighten. This is because both of these reactions need our muscles to be ready. And most people who lie find it very stressful, even the most casual and skilled con artists.

This clenching of muscles also affects our vocal cords, making them tighten. This can make people speak higher or have trouble controlling how smooth their voices sound. This is one sign of a liar either way.

4) Vocal fill

Adding words that don’t really mean anything to their speech is called vocal fill In the business world. This is the right thing to do. Believe me, I had a master who never “ummed” or “hummed,” and it was very strange! If someone does this a lot more than usual, though, it might mean they’re lying.

For a little extra time to think, they use oral fill to make up a story while they try to weave their web of lies. Since the truth is already out there, there’s no need to lie!

5) Getting confused in the story

Have you ever heard a kid lie? They begin by telling you a story, but then they change their minds and say things like, “No, actually…” and “Oh, wait, I mean…” that are completely different from what they said before. It’s funny because it’s so clear that they’re lying.

What do you know? This is also something adults do. The only thing is that as we age, we become better at lying and more complex. Still, lying is harder than telling the truth because you have to make up things that didn’t happen. So a lot of liars get lost in their own stories and get confused, almost as much as they get you confused.

 6) Unusual eye contact

Making eye contact is a very important part of getting to know someone and becoming close. But what do people do when they lie? Check to see if they look at you more or less than usual. That’s right, both!

As a chameleon would do, they wouldn’t be able to move their eyes at the same time. I mean that some liars will look away more because they don’t want to be caught, while others will look at you more to try to be more believable. You might be able to tell right away if someone is lying if you notice eye contact that isn’t normal.

7) Dry mouth

If someone is lying, they might be licking their lips all the time, coughing, or clearing their throat. Again, when people are under a lot of stress, their bodies change. For many, feeling like they have to lie can be a huge source of stress.

If the person’s mouth seems dry for no reason, it might mean they’re not telling you the truth. Sipping water or other drinks can be a sign that someone is lying. The cup comes up to cover their mouth, which helps them hide who they are and what they’re up to.

8) Fake smile

It’s pretty easy for most of us to spot a fake smile. When people smile, wrinkles appear around their eyes, like brief crow’s feet (unless they like Botox!).

But a fake smile, like the ones you see a lot on Instagram these days, is only in the mouth. Of course, this doesn’t always mean that someone is lying, but it’s a sure sign that they’re not telling the truth.

9) Hand gestures

Hand gestures are an important part of conversation, just like eye contact. It’s true that blind people still use body language to talk to other blind people. When my dad is on the phone and the other person can’t see him, he sure waves his hands around a lot.

In the same way that you should watch out for eye contact, you should also watch out for how much or how little someone is moving. There’s a chance that they’re gesturing more because they want to be effective. If they seem to be very still, it could be because they are afraid of being caught telling stories.

10) Fidgeting

Naturally, some people have more energy than others. When they talk, these people move around a lot, switching poses and moving their hands around a lot. And everyone knows those leg-shakers.

But when they’re stressed, even the calmest and coolest person will move around more. If you want to catch someone lying, moving a lot can be a simple sign to look for.

11) Sweating

Hey, maybe it’s just really hot today. If it’s not and the person is really hot, it might be because they’re trying really hard to hide something. Sometimes the stress of lying can be so strong that it makes some people sweat a lot, even when it’s cold outside.

We’re talking about sweating more than usual again. Some people just make a lot of sweat. They should bottle it and sell it! If, on the other hand, your suspect is wiping their forehead and fanning themselves, they may be working extra hard to trick you.

12) Stress

Stress symptoms in general can help you spot a lie. You might also see a worried tick, pencil chewing, or hand wringing, in addition to the things we’ve already looked at. Most people tell lies when they’re stressed, and the signs of that stress are what catch them.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that lies who have been trained can control their body language and words. You might have to pay close attention to even the smallest expressions or changes in the way they talk. While most normal people are lying, they show these clear signs that are easy to spot.

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