11 Signs That Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Anymore

1. She no longer wants to know about your personal life.
She no longer attempts to ask about your personal life. It’s reached to the point where you wish she’d ask you more questions about your day. However, she has just lost interest in you and your personality. It’s as if she doesn’t care about you anymore.

2. She makes her own decisions.
Previously, you always made decisions as a group. It would be natural for her to turn to you anytime she was bothered by something. However, things have changed. Nowadays, she goes ahead and takes decisions on her own without even consulting you first.

3. She doesn’t engage in arguments with you.
She is no longer attempting to argue with you. Instead of remaining and fighting, she retreats or walks away. This might be viewed as a victory. This, however, indicates that she is no longer interested in connecting with you. As a result, she doesn’t care what you say or think.

4. She does not express appreciation for your efforts.
She shuts you down if you try to do anything lovely for her. It’s never easy to have your efforts and gestures disregarded by the person you care about. However, you should interpret this as a clear indication that she is no longer as madly in love with you as she once was.

6. She appears anxious in your presence.
It’s as if she’s always in a terrible mood when she’s around you. She no longer appears to enjoy the time you spend together. To be sure, you have your awful days. But it seems like she no longer feels joyful when the two of you are together.

7. She no longer makes an attempt to appear good for you.
She used to be quite concerned about how you perceived her. She did, after all, love you with all of her heart. But she no longer cares about your impression of her. She no longer makes an effort to look beautiful.

8. She seems disinterested in the relationship.
It’s almost as though she’s lost interest in the relationship. She makes no effort and shows no concern.

9. She now shouts all the time.
She constantly pushes instead of uttering lovely and charming things. Instead of attempting to convey positivity, she only emits bad energy. This is undoubtedly because she is fed up and tired of being in this relationship.

10. She devotes more attention to her hobbies than she does to your relationship.
It is, of course, entirely acceptable for people to have life outside of their partnerships. In her situation, however, it’s almost as if the relationship doesn’t exist.

She simply devotes the most of her time to her hobbies and her profession. It’s an indication that her priorities have shifted.

11. She completely stops telling you that she loves you.
And, of course, when she stops telling you that she loves you, you know something is wrong. This is especially troubling if she has always been open about her feelings for you. Maybe you should put in a bit more effort to win her back.

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