11 Secret Fears 90% of Men that They Never Talk About

Isn’t it strange that the majority of the images in psychological articles on the internet are of women? Since everything revolves solely around women and their worries, there are several cases in relationships where the woman is the strong one and the guy is the drama queen.

This is not meant to belittle men, but rather to put things into perspective. Men, like women, have their worries. Throughout history, society has cemented a stereotype of the male as the embodiment of strength, with no room for flaws.

That is simply not true, and here are the 11 things that most men are concerned about.

1. How their body looks
Women are taught from an early age to be self-conscious about their appearance and to care for their bodies through diets and healthier lifestyles, whereas men are less likely to encounter such concerns, but that doesn’t mean that men aren’t concerned about our bodies.

Men are also self-conscious about their physiques and frequently compare themselves to the well-toned models they see in men’s magazines. This is why men go to gyms, get their chests waxed, and tuck their bellies in when they see a woman. Perhaps a man’s greatest concern is that pesky bulging tummy that refuses to go away.

2. Money
Let’s be honest. Money is what makes the world go round, and men frequently worry about money.

Being projected as the family earner, any responsible man would always be concerned about his financial status, even if he does not have a family. While a woman values care, love, and attention, a man’s subconscious thought will always be money to provide for his girlfriend.

3. Height
Which individual is unconcerned about his height if he perceives himself to be short? “Being tall” is the ideal feature of a man.

In romance novels since time immemorial, the phrase “an ideal woman’s dream man” has been “that tall, dark, handsome stranger.” What does “short, dark, and handsome” sound like now? Doesn’t seem to fit, does it? Whether you believe it or not, size does matter to a man.

4. He considers other males to be a threat.
Men can be jealous; it’s a common trait, and while it may not be as visible as a woman’s, it can be just as intense. Other males in their partners’ lives are viewed as a potential threat by men.

It is an insult to their self-esteem, and while your partner may not flinch or show indications of anxiety when you mention a male coworker, internal comparisons are already taking place. You’ll have to work hard to show him that he’s the most important person in your life.

5. Negative relationship experiences
Men are terrified of projecting themselves as masculine characters because it makes them appear as the ideal man with relationship experience. In reality, men are just as frightened of making a mistake in a relationship as women are.

When a man has a new partner, he may experience insecurity—the anxiety of saying or doing the wrong thing—until late at night. Caring, understanding, and, most importantly, compromise are what keep a partnership safe and give each other confidence.

6. Hair problems
Many men have hair problems and are afraid of growing bald. Even body hair could be an issue—is it too much or too little? Nobody wants to look like Kojak or Yul Brynner. Furthermore, males frequently stress about their hairstyles, whether they are too sloppy, too neat, or not manly enough.

Another issue that men are afraid of is greying hair because it involves either accepting it and looking older or going through the torture of dyeing your hair.

7. Diet. Yes, men are concerned about their meals.
It is common for women to be heard declaring, “I’m on a diet,” but just because a man doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he isn’t cognizant of what he eats.

Today, an increasing number of guys are concerned with their appearance, bodies, and the food they consume. Men, like women, prefer to be healthy, though they rarely discuss it.

8. Their relation with their partners
There are numerous articles produced from a female perspective on relationship concerns. But don’t imagine for a second that men are too harsh to care about the state of their relationships.

A man may occasionally stick his foot in his mouth and say the wrong thing, but he will always curse himself for it. The truth is that guys care too much about their partners and are afraid of ruining a relationship. The issue is that they are less likely to discuss it.

9. How many previous partners did his girlfriend have?
Men frequently struggle with low self-esteem and ego issues. If a lady has had previous boyfriends, the male interprets that as a sign of fulfilment that he wants to prove that he is better than all of them.

The other difficulty is that a male fears being less experienced than the woman in this scenario, which is an insult to his own manliness. But, even as a male, I would tell you to rest, bub!, because the truth is that if you have a good lady who loves you, she will not make comparisons and won’t be concerned by your experience as long as you care for and love her as well. Because the past is history.

10. Emotional expression
How many males have heard this when they were younger? Don’t weep! “You’re a real man!” This is something that is imprinted in a man’s brain from an early age, which is why men are often afraid to express their emotions openly.

It is bad for a parent to instill such a belief in their child since it leads to problems and pent-up frustrations. Crying or expressing one’s emotions will never make a man less of a man. Emotional expressiveness is never a sign of weakness.

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