10 Ways to Cut Toxic People From Your Life

Have you hit the point where you say “Okay, that’s enough!” when it comes to problematic people? In that case, good job!

You are now on your way to a life where you won’t have to carry around an extra heavy load. Making the choice that poisonous people can no longer be in your life is the first step.

How are you going to actually reach your goal? Get rid of these 10 bad people from your life:

1. Get their attention.

You can get rid of bad people from your life by letting them know about it. Don’t believe them right away. They may not know that you find them toxic, or they may not know that they are toxic. It’s best to talk to them about it.

You shouldn’t start by saying, “You are toxic.” Instead, you should say what’s bugging you. You might think they’re bad because all they do is complain about their job. Tell them that the way they complain every day makes you dislike your job.

Just before you leave, you could tell them that if they don’t like their job, they should quit. This fight may stop them from being toxic.

2. Drop the conversation.

Stopping the talk when they start it is another way to cut them out of your life. If they talk to you while you’re working, show them that you’re busy and tell them that you are too.

Say things like “Oh, okay” or “I already know that” to start a chat or show that you’re not interested. “You told me not long ago.” This way, you can keep them from making your day miserable with their bad behaviour.

3. Ignore them.

You can also wear your headset to stop them from talking to you. Remember that music is meant to take you to a different place where bad people don’t exist. Put those headphones on.

This way, you won’t hear what they say. Another good way to say “I don’t want to be bothered, so please stay away” without saying a word is to use your headset.

4. Don’t let them talk to you in person.

If you can avoid talking to them in person at all costs, do so. Why do you need to talk to them? You need to figure out why you need to talk to someone before you can come up with ways to avoid talking to bad people.

If, say, the toxic people are your coworkers and your work is closely linked to theirs, you can send them an email or just leave a note. By doing this, you can stop them from talking about things that aren’t related to the job at hand.

5. Stop following them on social media.

Cut all ties with them, even if it’s just online. If they bother you even when you’re not online, block them from your accounts.

Thanks to social media, it’s now easy for people to talk to each other. It’s good that they also stopped people from getting in touch with you. You can stop them from using your account and texts.

6. Don’t let them make you feel bad.

Stop letting them hurt your feelings too. If telling them no or blocking them doesn’t work, you need to mentally cut them off. You need to stop caring what they say.

Talk about false accusations that can hurt your image, right? What’s the matter with that? Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can always show that what they said is false by what you do.

If someone tells you that you don’t do your job, you should work hard to finish everything well. With this, you can show them they’re wrong with your actions even if you don’t say anything to defend yourself. Always remember that the words of bad people don’t matter to you. This will keep you from getting hurt.

7. Make your support group stronger.

That’s what you need to do to convince yourself that those harmful ones are not useful to you. Keep in mind that poisonous people are not a loss in your life.

Who do you really think of as your friends? Who are the nice people you can formally deal with? Talk to them a lot. If you can, have lunch with them. Find ways to connect with those people in a strong way.

8. Inform your support group.

Also, let your support group know that you don’t want to hear anything about the people you think are harmful. There are times when bad people are part of your support group because you all work together or have friends in common.

If the people in your support group don’t know what’s going on, they might tell you about the poisonous people you know, or even worse, they might let those toxic people talk to you. To avoid that, make it clear to the people in your support group that you don’t want to hear about the bad ones.

9. Stop making excuses and go all out.

Pride can get in the way sometimes. You want to hear and read the mean people’s messages so you can react to them as a way to get back at them or protect yourself.

But keep in mind that toxic people will find a way to make you the toxic one for reacting and defending yourself. The next thing you know, you’ll be stuck in the web, where the bad people look like they can’t do anything.

10. Refrain from repairing what got broken.

Some parts of you may still want to save the relationship with a poisonous person, even if it means taking in all the toxic energy they give off. This is especially true if they are family or friends.

Let go. It will help you. You wanted to cut ties with people because you’ve hit your limit. Let go and take care of your health.

It is bad for your health to let dangerous people stay in your life. They’ll kill your spark, or even worse, they might turn you toxic. Since they can spread like viruses, you should treat them the same way. Find ways to cut them off from your life. You do not want to get sick, do you?

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