10 Ways To Bond With Your Partner

In modern times, many things have changed when it comes to relationship behaviors. However, not all of those changes have been for the best.

In a world where we have so many resources for ‘connection’, we are more disconnected than ever. Instead of finding relationships organically, we use apps. Instead of going on romantic dates, we spend time together scrolling on our phones while we wait for Doordash to arrive.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are many advantages to these changes. However, it’s still beneficial to touch back down to earth and bond with your partner the way that our grandparents did. Call me old-fashioned, but these bonding tips are far more powerful than anything else.

Write your partner a love letter.

While most people send emails or Facebook messages, which really could work the same, There is something about writing out your thoughts on paper that can help you articulate your thoughts to your partner. Not only that, but it’s pretty stinkin’ sweet too.

Stow away the technology.

Make time together that is technology-free. Put away your phones. Turn off the TV and genuinely sit down and talk and converse.

Go for a Mini Trip

You don’t have to go on a big, expensive trip to have an adventure. Pick a place to go on a day trip (a couple of hours’ drive) and go have fun. You could go to a new park, visit a new restaurant, or have a picnic. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun.

Fix a meal together.

Choose a meal you would like to try, and make it something new. Then, get the ingredients and put them together. Of course, after that, you can also eat it together.

Start a new hobby together.

Choose a new hobby that sounds fun to both of you. This will allow you to learn something together, and if it’s exciting, you get bonus points, because that means more oxytocin (the bonding hormone) will be released. Skydiving, anyone?

Read a book to each other.

Pick out a book that you both would like to read, and then take turns reading it aloud to each other. Not only is this a good opportunity to take a step back and read a book, but it’s also an act of intimacy on a different level.

Shower each other

Take a shower together and wash each other off. Make a rule that you aren’t allowed to bathe yourself, and instead, do the deed for one another.

Make them a mixed tape.

Okay, okay, I know cassettes are no longer a thing. But you can make a playlist and email it to them.

Play a board game.

Have a game night. Pick out your favourite board games, and then spend the evening playing them together.

Mail them a card.

This one is sure to surprise them entirely. Go to the store, pick out a sweet card or a funny one, whatever your heart says. Then, write a personal note in it, put it in the envelope, and stamp that bad boy.

Source: https://awarenessact.com/

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