10 Ways People Hide Their Affairs

One of the worst feelings in the world is having the terrible suspicion that your partner is cheating on you. It’s even worse when you have that feeling but can’t prove it either way. This can leave you feeling pretty powerless.

It’s a shame that cheaters are often master manipulators who are very good at hiding their affairs. Even so, cheaters tend to be like each other, so there are some things that you can look for that make them likely to be cheats.

When someone cheats, they are good at it because they know how to hide it well. You can figure out what’s going on, though, if you know how to read between the lines. These are 10 ways that people hide having affairs.

1. They don’t talk about it.

Most of the time, someone who is cheating will only hook up with other people in secret. Sites for cheaters that make it clear that they need to be private are made to make it easy to hide affairs.

Many times, cheaters will purposely keep quiet about who they are with the person they are seeing in order to keep their secret.

2. They claim they are ‘private’ on social media and do not post to you at all.

Some cheaters will tell their partner that they are very “private” on social media so that they don’t post anything that would make their partner feel bad about being with someone else. Because of this, they can flirt with anyone they want without worrying about being caught.

3. They legitimize their covers.

Most of the time, someone who is cheating will pick up a new hobby to hide it. Some examples are “I’m going to the gym,” “I’m staying late at work,” and “I have to go see _____.” This is their cover the whole time.

4. They keep their phones locked.

People who cheat often lock their phones. It’s not a deal with their partner, and their phone is always with them.

5. They use dating sites with a fake name or no picture.

Tinder and Friend Finder are two adult sites that are often full of cheaters. People who want to cheat will come up with fake names or not show a personal picture.

On the other hand, most members who have nothing to hide will use their real name and picture. If they feel safe enough, cheaters will just send people pictures of themselves.

6. They buy a secondary phone.

It’s possible that a cheater will get a new phone number or a second phone, which they will hide. So, they can give their partner their phone to look through and make sure they are not guilty.

7. They travel alone.

Cheaters who have to travel for work have a big advantage because they can cheat while they’re away. This is really simple on dating apps like Tinder, where you can change your zip code at any time to show where you want to meet someone for a hookup.

8. They turn the tables.

There are people who will cheat on their partners, which is sad. They will say their partner is cheating on them to get out of being honest. This also happens a lot of the time because they are putting their own bad behavior onto their partner.

9. “We’re just friends.”

This is another trick cheaters use: they have a “friend” who isn’t really a friend. If your partner spends a lot of time with a new “friend” who seems like someone they’d like to spend time with and there are other signs that they might be cheating, be careful.

10. Their friends cover for them.

Friends of cheaters don’t always lie about them, but most of the time they do. Even more so if their friends are very loyal to them or if their friends cheat too.

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