10 Things Men Want But Won’t Ask For

A lot of the time, guys say they need a guide to figure out how to deal with women, but men can say the same thing. Not sure what your man really wants from you? You’re not the only one; many women feel the same way.

You might think that what guys really want has something to do with the bedroom, but it has a lot more to do with other things as well. On an emotional level, there are some things guys really want and need from a woman that they won’t ask for.

Thank goodness we have the internet now.  It’s a great place for people to share their deepest thoughts and wishes with the whole world. Men often say they want certain things but won’t ask for them. Here are some of the most common ones, so you won’t have to guess as much.

1. To find out why his wife or girlfriend is upset.

Most of the time, women don’t know when their man has done something wrong, even when they want to believe that their man does. Sometimes it makes sense for them to want to know what they did wrong so they can fix it.

2. To feel strong.

A lot of guys probably wouldn’t say this, but they want to be strong. They want to feel like men by being able to open the jar that you can’t.

So, let him know the next time you’re having trouble with something. He probably wants to feel strong by helping you out when you need it.

3. Time to be alone.

Guys who are in love will enjoy spending time with their girls, but no one wants to be with someone all the time, no matter how much they love them.

Men need to be alone to relax and get back on track. So, let him have his alone time as long as he also spends time with you often.

4. To feel liked and valued.

Men really like it when you value and recognise them. They want to be liked and feel like they have a role in your life. Sometimes, don’t be afraid to say, “Thank you for everything, handsome.”

5. For his girlfriend or wife to romance him from time to time.

Most of the time, women have been taught that men should be romantically interested in them. The love story goes both ways, though.

Do not be afraid to give him flowers or plan a dinner with candles for the two of you. He will love it.

6. For his girlfriend or wife to initiate bedroom time.

Another thing women are taught is that they should be shy or wait for their man to start the conversation. Men, too, like to be chased. Their favourite thing is to feel wanted, and it’s good for them when you take charge sometimes.

7. To feel trusted.

It may sound crazy, but a man won’t be able to trust his woman if she doesn’t trust him. He will feel closer to you and better about himself if you show him that you trust him. It’s also a problem if you don’t trust him.

8. For his wife or girlfriend to take care of herself.

You don’t have to be perfect or have hair or nails that look great. But guys do like it when a woman takes care of herself and dresses nicely for them every once in a while. When you take charge of your health and appearance, he will often step up his game as well.

9. To know they are seen or heard.

Men want to feel like someone is paying attention to them, just like women do. I wrote down what they said because they wanted to see that you heard them talk about something they wanted.

If you hear him talking about a book or a new dish he wants to try, get it for him. It will make his day better.

10. For his wife or girlfriend to be his friend.

When men ask for something, they often want their wife or girlfriend to be their friend and buddy. They want to hang out with someone, eat takeaway and watch a movie. They want someone to talk to and be with all the time.

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