10 Things A Real Man Does When He’s In A Relationship

There is no hiding for a real man. He’s not hiding anything, he’s not taking advantage of you, and he’s been honest about what he wants.

You don’t need to worry about anything when it comes to him, so you can take things slowly. It can be hard to tell the difference between fake men and real ones if you’ve never been in a real relationship.

You might not be able to make a good decision, or you might just need a reference point. Finding a real man is a breath of fresh air. If you’ve been through a few flops in the past, you may be having trouble trusting his goals.

If, on the other hand, you think you’ve met a real man and he acts like the ones below, then you probably have.

1. He’s open with you.

You can count on him to tell you what’s on his mind and how he feels. He’s not afraid to be open and honest with you about how he feels.

2. He knows exactly what he wants.

He is clear about what he wants from the bond when you ask him. He is honest and on the same page with you instead. He doesn’t want to play games, and he never makes people guess.

4. He cares about you.

He talks to you in a very polite way and never goes off-key. He treats you like a real partner and not just an extension of himself.

5. He respects your boundaries.

You can set limits for him, and he meets them. Instead, he is careful not to cross your boundaries and uses common sense to figure out what those limits should be.

6. He introduces you to the people he loves.

He doesn’t mind bringing you around with his family and friends. He always brings you along on social events and introduces you to people who are important to him. It’s clear that he’s proud of you.

7. He wants what is best for you, even when it isn’t what is most convenient for him.

He always thinks about what’s best for you and looks out for you. Though being kind to you might not be good for him, he cares about what you need.

8. He takes care of you.

Considering you is something he does for you without you having to ask him to. Before he makes plans, he thinks about you and always asks for your opinion. He really cares about how you feel and what you think.

9. He keeps his promises.

He keeps his word when he says it. You don’t even have to guess if he will keep his word or do what he says he will do. He can always be counted on.

10. He is transparent.

In every way, he is open, honest, and clear. He tells you everything you need to know about himself, his wants, and the things he does and has done. He tells you everything you need to know about him.

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