10 Signs Indicate You Are In A Real Committed Romance

1. You make an effort to spend a lot of time together.
Time is the most precious and important gift you could possibly give to someone else. It’s valuable because people never make time for things that don’t matter to them.

So, actively making time for each other shows that you and your partner are truly committed to your love for one another.

2. You buy random items that you know the other person will like.
It doesn’t have to be something spectacular. Even something as basic as bringing home your partner’s favourite food from a neighbouring restaurant shows that you are serious about your relationship.

3. You give each other the key to your house or apartment (if you don’t already live together).
Nobody would ever just hand out the keys to their house or flat without a reason.

If you and your partner grant each other complete access to your homes, it’s a strong indication that you’re truly committed to each other. In your partnership, there are no more closed doors.

4. You announce your love for each other on social media.
There is no denying the importance of social media in today’s social relationships.

If you and your spouse are essentially displaying your relationship on social media, you are also expressing to the rest of the world that you are very serious about your love for each other.

5. You enter into real contracts with each other.
He no longer loves you. It’s not only about the social commitments that come with dating and committing to a relationship.

When you start entering into genuine contracts together, it speaks volumes about your commitment to one another. For example, if you put down money for a new flat in both of your names, that’s a serious commitment.

6. You go on a trip with just the two of you.
When two individuals go on vacation together, it might be a litmus test for their compatibility. If you and your partner take that step, it shows that you are committed to being together. There’s no denying it.

7. You keep your eye on the relationship’s future.
When it comes to your relationship, you both think ahead. You’re not satisfied with the present. Yes, you’re having a great time with each other.

But you know that if you want to keep your love alive, you must keep your eyes on the prize. You must consider the long term, which is evidence of your dedication.

8. You exchange passwords and codes.
Because of how intimate you’ve become in your relationship, your lives are nearly an open book.

You have developed a level of intimacy and trust for one another that many other couples strive for. You trust each other and know that neither of you would betray the other.

9. You would do everything for each other, no matter how inconvenient it was.
You both go out of your way for each other. You both make sacrifices for each other.

Your comfort is no longer a top priority. Being there for one another, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, brings you more joy and fulfilment.

10. Before making any decisions, you consult with one another.
Making decisions is no longer as simple for either of you. You are continuously thinking about the other person before making any decisions.

You never want to make rash or hurried decisions because you want to ensure that your partner does not feel left out.

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