10 Signs A Relationship Won’t Last (That Most People Overlook)

When we set out to find and keep love, one of the last things we expect is for our relationship to fail, especially if things go so well at the beginning. Some things, though, are just not meant to be, which is a shame.

We are so excited about the spark that has been lit at the start of a relationship that we often miss the huge warning signs that something is wrong. Those who have been in a relationship that didn’t work out will probably understand what I mean. People say that love makes us stupid, and I have to agree.

If you are in a relationship and aren’t sure if it will last, there are some signs that will let you know. If you want to know what those signs are, here are 10.

1. You have no common values.

Our real selves, our values, and our vision are what remain when the spark starts to fade. When those things don’t match up with your partner on a deep level, it means you don’t share any interests. And, sadly, this is one of the main reasons why relationships fail.

2. There is a fight for everything.

Couples fight and argue all the time, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. The fact that every conversation ends in a fight, on the other hand, is a huge red flag that this relationship is not stable.

3. Your arguments are completely useless.

A good argument can be found. These fights are productive if we work out an answer, listen to each other, and try to move forward with each other in mind. But it’s a different story when the fights are mostly just you and your partner tearing each other apart.

4. You treat one another disrespectfully.

It is normal to disagree or have different ideas every once in a while. That being said, it’s not normal to hate and disrespect your partner. There are ways to work out an argument, but if you don’t like your partner, the relationship won’t last. It is going to be terrible if it does.

5. One or both of you are cheating.

When both people in a relationship turn on each other, bad things are sure to happen. That being said, I’m not saying that all relationships can get better after cheating. A lot of relationships get better after that. To put it another way, the odds are not in your favor.

6. The relationship is one-sided.

When two people are together, it works. There is no way for the relationship to work if one person cares about it and the other doesn’t.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t last for a while before the invested person gives up. Eventually, the caring person will give up trying to take the whole relationship on their shoulders.

7. You are unclear on what the relationship is because the other person refuses to define it.

Your partner shuts you down every time you try to describe the relationship. If they act like a partner and benefit from the relationship like a partner, then it makes sense and is fair that there is some kind of label on it.

They could say they are happy with how things are, they aren’t ready for a commitment, or they want to see where things go. most especially if that’s what you want. There will be no way out if one person wants to commit and the other person is pulling away.

8. There is so much disrespect.

Respect is what holds a friendship together. Trust me when I say that you and your partner don’t love each other if you don’t respect each other.

I’m sorry, but respect and love go together. I don’t think the person will get better if they keep disrespecting you after you tell them that is not okay with you.

9. There is no trust.

Trust is very important for relationships to last, just like respect. If you don’t trust each other, one of you will always be looking out for the other. Once jealousy takes over, it will be the main force in the relationship. This toxic energy will slowly build until you either grow because of it or break up.

10. You have a bad gut feeling about things.

Most of the time, we know in our gut when a relationship isn’t right. We could say things like, “But I love them,” “But we’ve been together for years,” or “But I know they’ll change.”

Most likely, you should go with your gut if you can’t love and accept your partner for who they are right now, not who they will be, or if you find yourself making excuses.

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