10 Secret Signs That Someone Is Jealous of You

People we care about personally, like our partners, husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends, often make us feel jealous. Also, we’re envious of people who are more attractive and powerful than us. Most of the time, jealousy shows up as fear, anger, worry, insecurity, etc.

People usually try to hide how jealous they are. But there are some things you can look for to tell if someone is jealous of you. Here are some clues that someone is jealous of you:-

1. Give you false compliments

People who are jealous will say nice things to your face, but they will talk about you behind your back. Because of this, you should watch what you say to other people and ask your friends if anyone has said anything bad about you. If someone is jealous of you, they won’t say anything before congratulating you on your success.

2. Try to undervalue your success

People who are jealous are unstable and always try to bring down the success of others. They are envious of you because they can’t do as well as you. They will also try to make you believe that you are still not good enough.

3. Boast about their success

If someone who is jealous does something good, they will do everything they can to show everyone. People who are jealous usually want to be as successful as everyone else and would do anything to show it.

4. Cross their legs

When it comes to body language, crossing your legs is thought to mean different things to different people. But it’s a common sign that someone isn’t sure of themselves and is jealous of something or someone. If someone crosses their legs while talking about your success and accomplishments, it’s likely that they are jealous of you.

5. Need to prove their superiority

Melanie Greenberg, a psychologist, says that jealous people are too competitive and feel like they need to show how much better they are. If you have desire, you can use your competitiveness to get ahead. But this is not true of people who are jealous.

6. Copy everything you do

Psychologists think that copycat behaviour is a sign of praise, but jealous people will also try to copy you and do everything you do. They might even try to dress, walk, talk, etc. like you. Even though it can be annoying, there’s nothing you can do except ignore them.

7. Try to ruin your reputation

Studies show that people who talk about other people are sad, aggressive, and angry. They usually talk because it makes them feel better and less confidence. People who want to be like you and are jealous would do anything to hurt your name.

8. Enjoy your failures

If you don’t reach your goals, people who want what you have will be happy. But they won’t tell you how happy they are about your loss.

For them, what matters is that you failed at something and that they are better than you. If someone is happy because of your mistakes, you need to stay away from them.

9. Spoil your plans

If someone is jealous of you, they will be glad to mess up your plans and make you think about the bad things that could happen.

10. Turn jealousy into hatred

People who hate us for some reason will have to be dealt with if we are successful. Even though they don’t act mean, they would do anything to show how much they dislike you. The best way to deal with these people is to show them that you don’t care about them.



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