10 genius reasons why you should keep lemons in the freezer

Lemons are a great way to improve your health. They have a high amount of Vitamin C, a variety of nutrients and antioxidants, and a delicious zest that makes both food and drinks taste better.

Many people keep a few lemons on hand, but there is a better way that you might not know about: freezing them. Freezing lemons not only makes them easier to get, but it also lets you use every part of this fruit. Before we go any further, here are 10 good reasons why freezing lemons is a good idea:

1) The best part is the lemon peel.

Surprisingly, the lemon peel has ten times as many vitamins as the juice and meat. By freezing lemons, you can easily grate the hard fruit into your food and get the powerful health benefits from the skin.

Grating can go faster if you freeze the halves first. Try freezing them in half so that you can grate them easily.

2) Lemons have a lot of vitamin C in them.

Lemons have a lot of Vitamin C, which is a key part of fighting off colds and the flu. This important nutrient also gets rid of free radicals, which speed up ageing. One big lemon gives you 53mg of vitamin C, which is almost 90% of your daily need.

3) Lemons help heal our bodies.

Lemons have a lot of Vitamin C, which is important for making collagen, which is needed to make new bone, blood vessels, tendons, and to help cuts heal.

4) When lemons are frozen, they can be used in more ways.

Lemons can be used in more dishes when they are frozen. If you don’t like their taste or find them too tart, grating frozen lemons lets you add them to your food in a more gentle way.

This makes them great for soups, salad dressings, rice and noodle meals, or even as a topping for yoghurt, ice cream, or fruit salad.

5) Ice cubes won’t be needed.

A creative option to ice cubes is to cut lemons into pieces about the size of walnuts and freeze them. Drop them into your water glass for a refreshing twist that will keep your drink cool.

6) You will save money.

If you freeze lemons, you can also freeze your bills. When lemons aren’t in season, they tend to cost more, so stock up when prices are low. You don’t have to worry about their shelf life because lemons stay good for three to four months after being frozen.

7) Limonoids prevent cancer.

Limonoids are natural chemicals that are found in citrus fruits like lemons. They have anti-cancer qualities, especially when it comes to preventing breast cancer.

Because lemons have antioxidants, they are also better at fighting off bacterial diseases, fungi, and parasites that live inside the body.

8) Lemons alkalize your body.

The acidity of your body needs to be kept in check for your health. Lemon water helps make the body more alkaline and relieves signs like acid reflux, sore gums, and mouth ulcers. Using frozen lemons makes it easier to control the amount of lemon to water, making the taste smoother and more refreshing.

9) Lemons don’t have much sugar or calories.

In comparison to oranges, which have a lot of sugar, lemons have a lot less sugar and calories. With about 29 calories and 2.9 grammes of sugar per 100 grammes of fruit, they are a better choice. Monitoring sugar intake is still important, even if it comes from natural sources.

10) They’re perfect for drinks.

Adding frozen lemon juice to your drinks will make them better. You can make drinks and iced tea taste better by freezing lemon juice with strawberries, mint leaves, or orange slices. This quick and easy way makes sure that your drink is cool and refreshing.

Bonus Tip: You can freeze whole lemons to grate them, but it’s best to slice or chop them before freezing so they don’t get mushy when they thaw.

Cut or slice the fruit into the size you want, freeze it on a single-layer baking sheet overnight so it doesn’t stick together, and then put it in a zip-lock bag. For recipes that call for certain parts of the lemon, freeze the chopped rind separately or pour the juice into ice cube trays.

Lemons are superfoods, no question about it. Even if you don’t have a lemon tree in your yard, it’s easy to get the benefits of lemons. Take advantage of when they are cheapest and stock up. You can freeze them and use them whenever you want to add fresh, healthy tastes to your cooking.

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