10 Clear Signs of True Love from a Man

Women don’t trust guys as much as they used to. You and I both know that more guys than women are caught cheating and messing with other people’s hearts. I’m not making broad statements about this.

Masculinity is still important for many men, and having a lot of girlfriends is one way for them to show it. Is it still possible for a guy to love you deeply? Can you still find a boyfriend or husband who will love you deeply and faithfully for a long time?

Okay, there are still lots of men you can trust. Just be careful picking out the person you love. Some clear signs that your man really loves you are listed below.

1. He respects you.

If your boyfriend loves you, he won’t make you do things you don’t want to do just so he can get what he wants.

He will also accept your choices and not force you to go along with his. He would stand by your beliefs and not make you give in.

2. He is patient and not rude.

If a man really loves you, he will be kind and patient with you even when you’re being annoying. Let’s be honest: women are very moody and hard to predict.

We get so whiny and loud sometimes. If a man really loves you, though, he will understand your feelings and not be rude to you. Even when you’re having a temper tantrum, he tries his best to be a gentleman.

3. He’s humble.

A man who loves you will be patient and kind, and he will also keep his pride in check. When you were feeling very proud, love would make him so selfless that he would be humble.

When there was a fight, he would choose to say sorry first, even if it wasn’t his fault. This was just to make things better. He wants to prove he is right more than he wants to keep you.

4. He is not self-seeking.

A man in love doesn’t care about anything else but his girl. He will always put your needs first. He’d do anything to help you. His only goal is to make your life easier. He is ready to give up time, sleep, money, and even everything else. Besides that, he wouldn’t use you to meet his own wants.

5. He keeps us safe.

If your boyfriend doesn’t want you to wear exposed clothes, don’t get mad. He knows how men think, so he doesn’t want you to be the object of their desire. It’s not anger or spite.

Simply put, he doesn’t want anyone to treat you badly or think badly of you. Also, don’t think it’s easy for him to take you home every night. Do not tell him it’s his boyfriend job. He might even be able to find reasons not to come to your office.

6. He does not compete with you.

If someone loves you, they would never try to beat you. Just because you make a lot more money or have done more than him doesn’t make him feel bad about himself.

Men tend to be competitive, but when it comes to you, he doesn’t care about himself. He’ll be happy for you when things go well and will push you to reach your goals. He doesn’t see you as a threat; instead, you make him want to work hard to reach his own goals.

7. He cares about how you feel.

If your boyfriend loves you, he won’t do anything that could hurt or anger you. He would always think about how you felt.

Because of this, he would always ask your opinion before making big choices. Because he doesn’t want to let you down or give you trouble, he would do his best to stop doing things you don’t like, like vices.

8. He avoids things that tempt him.

Men are very visual. It is normal for them to like women who are pretty and sexy. But if your man really loves you, he won’t love you for anything other than how beautiful you are.

If he had the chance to flirt and hook up with a beautiful woman, he would turn it down. At all costs, he tries hard to resist urges. He takes away all of your chances of getting hurt.

9. He proudly introduces you to his family and friends.

For example, if a man lets you into his world, that means he really likes you. He tells you about his family and close friends.

It shows that he is happy to have you as his girlfriend and that he only wants good things for you. He wants you to stay in his life forever.

10. He remains interested in you even after a long time together.

When they get the “yes” from their girl, many guys stop being nice. But if you really love your guy, he wouldn’t chase you after the courtship stage.

He keeps working hard to serve you and make you feel special, and even does more. This is because he doesn’t do things to show how much he loves you, but because him.

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