12 Signs Of Emotional Neglect In Your Relationship

When we are in a relationship, it’s normal to expect that our emotional needs are going to be met. When they aren’t, though, it can leave you with an annoying feeling that makes you want more.

There’s no reason to feel that way, and no one ever should. A lot of us might think the feeling is us. Is it possible that we are thinking too much about things? Or is this just a phase that will end? But if the problem gets so bad that you need help, it might be time to deal with it.

That being said, you might want to be sure if you’re not sure if the problem appears or not. Here are 12 signs that your partner isn’t caring about you personally.

1. The relationship is one-sided.

Everything is only good for one person in a relationship. You’re always the one who works hard and shows up.

There’s no sign that they care about you or your needs, and they never make plans or start them.

2. They don’t let you talk when you try.

They don’t let you talk to them when you try. They sit there like a stone wall, which can make you feel like you’re talking to a wall.

3. They are no longer the first person you want to share things with.

You don’t tell them about good things that happen or news that you want to share. You talk to friends or someone else who can help you instead because you know they won’t listen or care.

4. They don’t say anything to you.

They would rather keep quiet than try to work things out or even talk to you about small things. It’s almost like you hear nothing more than you hear things.

5. You have to suppress your feelings.

You keep things from your partner because you don’t see any reason to share them at this time. It’s possible that they would get mad or just ignore you even if you did.

6. They refuse to argue or talk things out.

After a fight, they won’t work things out or talk things through. They would rather act like there is no issue than deal with it. Because of this, disagreements are never solved.

7. They don’t make eye contact.

When you talk to them, they look away when you’re in the same room or with them. You might look at them just to see if they’ll notice, but sometimes there’s nothing there. You get the sense that they don’t care about you.

8. They ignore things that are important to you.

What matters to them doesn’t matter to them. Every time they do something wrong, you have to tell them over and over again of your rules and little things.

9. They ask for your help but don’t give anything back.

If you need to help them or are there for them, they will listen. They don’t mind getting help and love from you, but they don’t seem to want to return the favor.

10. They don’t support you.

You feel like your partner doesn’t help you at all. When you need to talk to someone, they don’t listen. They aren’t interested in what you’ve done and don’t support you.

11. When you talk to them, they walk away.

They often cut you off in the middle of a sentence and walk away. No matter what you say, they make it clear that they don’t care about what you have to say.

12. Even when he’s in the room with you, you feel lonely and alone.

You both feel alone even when you’re with each other. You might feel even more alone. They don’t try to get in touch with you at all.

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