10 Reasons Why Your Partner Won’t Touch You In Bed

1. Stress and depression are making him less interested in $єχual activity.

Stress, anxiety, and sadness can wreck a person’s nervous system and their desire to be $єχual. Depression, stress, and worry are also not always easy to see. Someone could look like the happiest person in the world, but be sad on the inside.

If the new guy you’re seeing gives you signs he doesn’t want to sleep with you but seems happy otherwise, it could be a sign of something deeper. He might be having a terrible time at work. He may have just heard that one of his parents has cancer. There are a lot of options. Since you just started dating, he might not be ready to share yet.

2. He is hurting and not ready.

Broken relationships hurt no matter who you are. People often start dating before they’re ready to in an attempt to get over an ex that doesn’t work. But $єχ drive can go down during this time because closeness is still linked to not being able to think.

It’s fine to date someone on the mend. But don’t tell yourself that the relationship can’t go anywhere. Because most of the time, these kinds of short-term relationships don’t last. There are, of course, exceptions, but it’s good to be honest about what’s likely.

3. He might want a serious relationship with you.

Some people only have casual $єχ with people they know well. When they find someone they really like and can see a future with, they may choose to put ιитιмα¢у on hold in order to build a deep relationship first. In these situations, not slєєping with you is a sign that they like you, not that they don’t like you.

4. He’s Receiving It From Somewhere Else

There’s always a chance that your new boyfriend isn’t as “free” as he says he is. Most people who cheat on their partners are looking for $єχ, not emotional ties. But some people just want to have fun without their partner or spouse. In these cases, he doesn’t want to sleep with you because he’s getting what he wants from somewhere else.

Another option is that “Prince Charming” is dating you for your money, status, or connections, isn’t interested in you, and has a side piece. Ladies, you don’t have to watch “Downton Abbey” to see people who want to get rich. It really does happen. So, queens, be careful out there!

5. Because of religion

People often have $єχ before they get married, but there are still people who don’t believe in it. You might want to talk about religious limits early on in the relationship. If you want to get married or be in a long-term relationship, there’s not much point in meeting someone with a very different view of the world.

6. He wants things to stay relaxed

People go out on dates for different reasons. Sometimes, they just want to hang out with someone they like looking at under the restaurant lights. Maybe they don’t have time for a serious relationship, and instead of making things more complicated with $єχ, they’d rather make things fun and easy.

7. Performance anxiety

Performance nervousness is real, and a lot of guys have to deal with it. If this is the only thing that’s stopping you, there are things you can both do to break the ice. The important thing is not to make him feel weak or stupid.

8. He started taking a new medicine.

Medication can have many different effects on the body, and many men have $єχual problems because of them. If you and your partner are in this position, you should make a doctor’s appointment. Often, all that needs to be done is to change the medication.

9. He’s sleeping with another woman

When men start having affairs, they sometimes stop sleeping with their wives. If nothing else has changed in his health or life, it could be that he has been chєєting on his partner. But don’t draw conclusions too quickly. He might be afraid to say it, but he might be going through a midlife crisis or having trouble getting an єяє¢тισи.

10. He’s lost interest in you

It happens all the time, which is sad. People who were once crazy about each other fall out of love and ℓυѕт with each other. Placed in place of passion and fire are respect and friendship.

Some people like getting to this stage of a relationship and living together happily without being $єχual. Some people need a close, active friendship, so this is where they go their separate ways.

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